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American Bail Bonds of Johnston County

American Bail Bonds of Smithfield, NC Johnston County is committed to assisting families in securing the release of their loved one's through fast and affordable service. Bail bonds and the legal system can often be a complicated process. Allow us to assist in the burden by helping you and your family successfully navigate the legal system with our many years of experience. Our many years of service and contacts here in Johnston County,Raleigh, and elsewhere will help to further navigating your case.


What is Bail?

Bail is the amount set by the judicial official present (Judge or Magistrate) which is intended to act as security for the defendant's release from jail. There are a few different options presented to families trying to secure the release of their loved one's from jail. Property bonds and cash bonds to the jail are one way, another alternative is to obtain the services of a bail bondsman. For some, paying the fee to a bondsmen is much more affordable than paying the full bail amount to the magistrate.


Our Services

At American Bail Bonds of Johnston County, we advocate a defendant's right to prepare a defense and the defendant's innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. Our knowledgable bail bonds agents will champion your cause by providing the speediest service in town and ensuring you or your loved one's release from jail.

Whether it be an outstanding warrant or a new charge don't hesitate to contact our agents today for a free bond consultation and discuss your family's options with a friendly bail bond agent. Our bail bondsman agents will be happy to discuss your case at length and decide on the plan that best suits your specific needs.


Bail Bond Service Needed in Counties Other than Johnston County?

While our office and Bail Bondsmen service all 100 counties of North Carolina, if you have a loved one currently incarcerated in Raleigh, NC (Wake County), feel free to visit our sister company's website.

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